Shockwave examples

These file are relatively small and can easily be embedded in Web pages.

Firehouse Game
Advertisement_____76 K
Arrow_____16 K
Biltmore_____28 K
Bogey_____36 K
CascadeWorks_____12 K
Cloud_____96 K
CSN_____280 K + 16 K for the music
ndx1_____40 K
ndx2_____52 K
Halloween_____344 K and worth the wait
HEN_____180 K + 8 K for the music
iSource_____72 K
Leader_____12 K
Saw_____116 K
SRDS_____80 K
Stratos_____88 K
TEN_____236 K + 16 K for the music
Thinker_____48 K
White____120 K

Cygnus B2B
Frozen Food Age


These files are too big for the Internet and were made to be shown on VHS tapes.

FEN and PSM were put online at one time by dividing the different scenes into individual files and putting them in different html files.

FEN_____1.2 MB
MEN_____788 K
NECA_____724 K
PSM_____1.4 MB


These files were created to be put on CD rom. They can be downloaded and run from your harddrive.

iSource CD for PC_____1.2 M
iSource CD for MAC_____1.4 MB

Valkyries for PC_____396 K
Valkyries for MAC_____528 K